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Welcome to ellisposner.com.

If you are here you most likely received a flyer from me or saw an ad or video online. This is a private page and you will not find a link to it on the main navigation menu.

I invited you here to tell you about a special offer that can save you thousands of dollars when I am the agent who represents you when you purchase a home.

You will get a closing cost credit of $10,000.

Not only do you save you thousands of dollars, you also get the benefit of my track record of success. I have already helped hundreds of other buyers including first time buyers and want to help you too.

The rebate comes directly from my commission, which is paid for by the seller, and handled through escrow. There are certain restrictions which are discussed below.


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What You Can Use the Rebate For

In addition to your downpayment, closing costs are the additional fees and expenses on your final settlement statement.

These include any origination fees your lender charges, points, the escrow company fees, prepaid interest, property taxes and about a dozen or so other line items.

How much are closing costs? Your loan officer can best advise you as to what you might pay.

Is This Legal and Ethical?

Agents giving credits to their clients from their commission is absolutely legal and ethical as long as the following guidelines are followed:

  • Agent credits must be disclosed to all parties and the lender.

  • Credits must be handled through escrow.

Additionally the lender must approve of the credits.



this sounds too good to be true

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Here’s the fine print:

  • The rebate can only be credited to your closing costs.

  • It can not be used for down payment (because the lenders do not allow it).

  • It must be disclosed and approved by the lender.

  • Any credits from the seller or the lender are applied first.

  • If the credit exceeds your actual closing costs, you can only use the amount of the actual closing costs.

  • The rebate may not cover all of your closing costs.

  • No funds are paid outside of escrow under any circumstances.

  • Minimum purchase price of the home you are buying must be $800,000. Rebate for homes under $800,000 is $5,000.

 HERE’S Why I Offer This Rebate

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Many agents spend thousands of dollars a month to pay for “internet leads”. Others pay even more as “referral fees” to other brokers. I’m not sure either of those are a good use of funds.

I want money I spend to go where it belongs: to my clients. After all, they are the ones who have made me successful.

And here’s what also happens. I get referrals from my past buyer clients. They tell their friends not only about the rebate but also the great service they get from me.

I think of the money I give to my clients as part of my marketing budget for future business.


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