Hey Ellis, Where's All Your Old Blog Posts?

If you are looking for the hundreds of posts and articles I’ve written over the years, sorry they won’t be appearing on this site. Here’s why.

In Q4 2018 I made a strategic decision to move the blogging platform that ellisposner.com had been on for almost 15 years to a new vendor.

I felt I had to do this so that the site would have an overall look and feel that is more consistent with my other visual media. In other words, world class.

Unfortunately after researching what I could expect from the migrated posts, I had to decide to leave them behind rather than bring them over in a less than optimal way.

The good news is that a lot of the content will be recreated and updated to live on in a new and improved format.

I am hoping the the changes will be well received and to get as much traction on this site as I did on the previous version.

Namaste LA.