Top Rated Redondo Beach Realtor

In this review driven world we live in, I feel very fortunate to have 102 Five Star reviews on Zillow of which 52 are from Redondo Beach buyers or sellers.

Additionally, based on Zillow's criteria they often rank me as the number one agent in Redondo Beach in at least one out of 4 categories: activity, recent sales, local reviews or active listings. Of course being number one in active listings may not be a good thing because most properly priced and marketed Redondo Beach real estate listings will be in escrow very quickly.

Beyond reviews, what makes a Realtor a top agent in any market?

I think it is experience in and knowledge of the local market. Without the experience of having sold a lot of homes over a number of years in different market conditions, it would be virtually impossible to know how to price and market a listing or how to get a good deal for a buyer.

Additionally, top agents know the difference in various floor plans, builders, schools, and even which side of the street to buy on. (Want a garden in your backyard - avoid the north side of any street in 90278.)

In the case of Redondo Beach, I have published a blog site for a number of years that talks extensively about the local market.

And then it just comes down to service, service, service.

My most recent review came from my recent sale, representing the buyer, 1931 Gates Ave Unit B which is a 2 on a lot townhouse on a great block in North Redondo Beach.

This home has a traditional floor plan with all 3 bedrooms upstairs - unlike the 3 on a lots that have 2 down and 1 up.

The floor plan also featured a formal living room with a fireplace and then a den with sliding glass doors that open to the yard. In addition to the formal dining area, the kitchen also had a nook for eating in.

Right now, there are many great deals on 3 bedroom 2 on a lots because a lot of buyers are looking for 4 bedroom properties.

This property, which is 2120 Sq Ft is listed as “attached” but the only common walls were found at the garage. So no common living walls. It closed escrow for $999,000 and after some new floor coverings and painting, it will look a whole lot better than when my client and I first walked into it.

So with that lead in, here’s what my client was nice enough to post on my Zillow profile:

Ellis Posner Review on ZIllow.png
Long read but so much to say when you receive this kind of service.

WOW! For over 4 years I was attempting to buy a home with no success. Realtors would sometimes even just send me to a house without them to see if I like it. I pretty much gave up.

A year later I decided it was time to give it one more chance and I did my research from what I had learned from previous experiences. I came across Ellis and his track record looked impressive and it was the best thing to happen to me in a long time.

His Zillow Reviews alone speak for themselves. I am a firm believer that everything in life is a relationship. Trust, honesty, integrity, communication and low and behold, Ellis possess all of these qualities.

On our first meeting, he asked question no realtor had before. He got to know me and my family, where we are and where we wish to be. It was a great meeting and I felt confident.

Ellis is also very well connected and because he is a relationship builder as well, he has a huge network of friends in the industry and that really important. Not to mention he has over 16 years of experience and that played a part as well.

It wasn’t long before we started to see homes we were interested in.
Now here is where the customer service comes in. Always when it was convenient for me, Ellis would come to my home, pick us up, take us to each location and because he really understands my family, he knows what we need.

He would also mention that while a certain house may have a slightly smaller room than my demand, there are also some nice qualities I may want to see but I knew the rooms would be smaller and it was not a surprise (yup, I wanted to see it just in case). Every house we got a walk through with Ellis leading the way.

I am still in a bit of a surreal world right now because as of today, I am a new homeowner and it all thanks to Ellis. And in less than 60 days including escrow. I really like what my new key opens.

I really can’t say enough good things about Ellis and his service.
Once you have reached perfection, it just can’t get better, but I can tell you, it can get a lot worse.

Under Real Estate Professional, it really should have a picture of Ellis.

Thanks Ellis for the best experience ever for me and my kids and most importantly, getting us our Dream Home.

Dan, Max & Liz
— Zillow